This is the entire route from Santa Monica, CA to Washington, DC.







The routes have been mapped out by the Adventure Cycling Association. We will be starting on Bicycle Route 66, transitioning to the Transamerica Trail, and once in Virginia, moving onto the Atlantic Coast Trail.

Leave Santa Monica pier on April 23, 2017

Goffs, CA Apr 25.  Depart April 30th.

Flagstaff, AZ May 2.  Depart May 7.

Albuquerque, NM May 10.  Depart May 15th.

Tucumcari, NM May 16.  Depart May 21.

Oklahoma City, OK May 24.  Depart May 29.

Joplin, MO May 30.  Depart June 4.

Eminence, MO June 5.  Depart June 10

Golconda, IL June 12.  Depart June 17th.

Lancaster, KY June 19.  Depart June 24th.

Sugar Grove, VA June 26.  Depart July 1

Charlottesville, VA July 3.  Depart July 8th.

Arrive Washington, DC on July 12, 2017