LGBT service members have been there through every war, every struggle, every peacetime, and every day that there’s been a military.  We’ve been next to you in the foxhole, protecting you while you sleep, carrying you off the battlefield, and training with you in the rain and the mud.  We’ve kept silent about our sexuality or even repressed it so that we could fit in and be accepted.  We’ve been there for you.


LGBT service members have done what very few have done.  We voluntarily enlisted in the armed forces of the United States to serve our country and defend everything our country stands for.  We’ve trained for combat and served valiantly, for a few months to over thirty years.  We’ve worn the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.  We’ve been there for you.


LGBT service members have suffered humiliation, discrimination, repression, and investigation.  114,000 LGBT service members were discharged for homosexual conduct or inclination or even suspicion.  Many received less than honorable discharges.  Others received honorable discharges that had “HOMOSEXUAL” emblazoned on their paperwork.  Many of them cannot get the benefits that they are entitled to as a veteran.  We seek to ensure that they receive their benefits.  They’ve been there for you.


LGBT service members still feel the pain.  We can’t change the past but we can get past it.  We provide creative venues for healing, to include writing or sharing their stories, and publishing their works through Restore Honor Press and the Restore Honor podcast.  We work with other agencies who provide healing workshops.  We’re still here for you.