SevenPoint2 is teaming up with the Restore Honor Ride

SevenPoint2 is teaming up with the Restore Honor Ride

I’m excited to announce that SevenPoint2 is supporting the Restore Honor Ride by providing their outstanding plant-based, organic alkaline nutrition products.

I’ve actually been using SevenPoint2 for about 2 years.  I started when my good friend, Jerry Brodeur introduced it to me.  Even though I’m a certified health coach, I didn’t realize the importance of alkalinity.  When he told me about SevenPoint2, I started researching alkalinity and became a huge advocate of the alkaline lifestyle.  I put it right up there with air and water.

As important as alkalinity is to a healthy lifestyle, it’s not always easy to eat the right foods and do the right things.  That’s why I appreciate SevenPoint2.  Their products fill the gap between what I know I should be doing and what I am doing.  Being a fairly lazy person when it comes to preparing my meals, I know that I can fill that nutritional gap with the great tasting shake and greens.

If that was all that SevenPoint2 offered, it would be enough for me, but that’s not even the beginning.  That’s really just the icing on the cake.  The real beauty of SevenPoint2 is the simplicity of creating an alkaline state inside my body so that my body can work the way it’s supposed to.  Bodies are amazing machines!  Man has never been able to create such an intricate and magnificent machine.  It’s we humans who mess it up.  That’s where SevenPoint2 steps in.

Just so you know, SevenPoint2 products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  SevenPoint2 products are not intended to replace medications or eliminate the advice of a competent health care practitioner.  I will tell you, however, that when you change from an acidic environment to an alkaline environment, good things will naturally happen.

Why do I love SevenPoint2?  My entire life I have dealt with constipation.  At times, it comes in quite handy, such as when I’m on bivouac in the Army with 200 other soldiers and it’s not exactly a pleasant experience to sit on a 2×4 over a hole.  OK… too much information?  But the rest of the time, it’s actually quite unhealthy to keep all those toxins inside of my body.  No matter what I tried though, it didn’t seem to help the problem.  Three weeks into using alkaline products, my body started working in this regard and what a relief it is!  In addition, my cholesterol level which has been creeping up for years is now steadily going back down.  Just saying.

Why else do I love SevenPoint2?  Now that I’m training 4-5 days a week in preparation for my 3,500 mile cross country bike ride, I’m working my body at a level that it hasn’t had to sustain for many years.  And yet, even when I ride 62 miles in a day, I don’t get sore.  I attribute that to taking the SevenPoint2 Recovery both before and after my ride.  I just don’t get sore.  I’m even more excited about the HydroFX for water because now I can alkalize the water in my water bottles.  I don’t even have to take the tablets (but I’m not giving those up because they are just too good).

Last but not least, why do I love SevenPoint2?  Because my diet is not the best.  I eat acidic foods and I even drink coffee.  I know that by taking the Alkaline Boosters before I go to bed, my body is getting back into balance while I sleep.  And I sleep like a baby.

Wait, wait, wait… I guess that wasn’t last.  I also love SevenPoint2 because I’m an independent associate.  Not only do I get the amazing benefits by using the products, but I get to make a few bucks by introducing it to others.  I encourage others to try the products because they’re great, and I wouldn’t promote them if I didn’t believe in them.  So, if you’re curious to find out more information, you can CLICK HERE.

Back to my partnership with SevenPoint2 on the Restore Honor Ride.  Every day of my ride I will know that I’m getting the protein I need, the super-concentrated green fiber energy blend that I need, one of the world’s most powerful anti-oxidants, and the boosters to neutralize any acid-forming foods that I eat.  I need my body to be in optimal working order so I can ride 50 miles a day, 6 days a week, for 3 months.  With SevenPoint2, I know that I have everything I need.

Thank you, SevenPoint2!

PS… by the way, you can lose weight too!

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  1. Karen Smith says:

    That’s cool!

    • Alice says:

      Yes, it is! I’ve been using SevenPoint2 for 2 years and I feel great! If you want to try some, I have samples.

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