A million gay Veterans

A million gay Veterans

I read the other day that there are one million gay Veterans.  I can believe that.  I know that about 114,000 service members were discharged for either being gay, thinking about being gay, or having been associated with someone who was suspected of being gay.  They didn’t actually have to be gay.  Is that wild?

If 114,000 people were discharged, and there are a million gay Veterans, then that would mean that approximately 10% or all homosexuals in the military were kicked out.  I’m glad that I was one of the 90% because I escaped the witch hunts relatively unscathed.

How can we possibly repay gay Veterans and service members?  How can we possibly make up for the past?

Let’s be clear.  Some of the ways we’ve been repaid for our service in the past is with a swift kick in the ass as we are booted out of the military for being gay.  Another way is by being followed, photographed, wiretapped, having our mail opened, and investigated.  And publicly shamed and humiliated.  And threatened with prison time.  And sexually assaulted.  And forced to resign.  And coerced into snitching on our friends and acquaintances.  And humiliated so relentlessly that our only option was suicide.  And outed to our families and co-workers.  And demoted, given extra duties, and forfeiting our pay.  And kicked out of an academy only 2 weeks before graduation.  And given the option between prison or getting married and bearing children.  And being interrogated for hours about explicit details of our sex lives.  And sending undercover informants into our homes who then steal evidence and use it against us.  And leave us in limbo for months wondering when the hammer is going to fall.  And then ordering us to get out immediately without so much as a bus ticket home.

Or beaten to death.

I think it’s time we find a better way to repay them.  What are some of your ideas?  Please leave me a comment below.


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