Speaking out about the past

Speaking out about the past

This weekend, I had an opportunity to speak at two Toastmasters events.  They were both area contests, and between the two contests, they encompassed five different areas.  Part of this contest was to evaluate a speech, and the contestants were judged on how well they provided feedback to the speaker.  I was the speaker.

I spoke about my journey into the military and what it was like to have to hide my sexual orientation just so I could serve my country.  I wanted to serve my country and make the Army a career.  I knew I was lying when I was asked if I was a homosexual and I said “no”, but I had no idea that anyone really cared about my sex life.  I figured that if I did my job no one would care.  I was wrong.

I didn’t really know what was going on behind the scenes during my time in the Army.  I’ve only recently discovered the lengths that the investigators went to in hunting down and kicking gays out.  I think everyone should know.  We have a right to know how billions of our taxpayer dollars were spent.  We have a right to know how honest, patriotic, hard-working service members were treated.  And those Veterans need to know that we honor and respect them for their service.

I’ll be sharing more about what happened in the past and, more importantly, what we can all do in the present.  Thanks for being here.




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